Every year I read several books in the most different domains. I switch easily from fiction to personal development, business/entrepreneurship, or human behavior. I found this reading habit some years ago, and it helped me immensely broaden my outer and inner world view. To change or upgrade my “lenses.” Both at personal and professional level.

While I’m not addicted “per se” to reading (I can willingly switch to a good movie or TV series), I feel more comfortable if I know I have new books on the shelf for the next read. …

I managed my self-sabotage system and impostor syndrome (two great allies that hold us back from growth and expansion).

One saying “how dare you” and “who do you think you are”? The other one was arguing, “the book is not good enough,” “you’re not a writer,” or “watch out the criticism and your image”…

Bring it on, time to face those demons. I’m not playing the tough guy that fears nothing. It’s frightening and uncomfortable to deal with these thoughts. To doubt ourselves and our capabilities, of who we are or what we are allowed to do.

But in the…

Sneak peek of my next book “Career path compass”

My new book title is chosen

Thanks for massive participation on the pool. There was a clear Advantage to “Unlock yourself”, followed at clear distance by Career Path Compass” and much further away “Work Life balance”. But you know what? Instead of picking one and discard the others I aggregated them.

The book title will be “Career path compass — unlock yourself” with the subtitle “Guide to find a job with purpose and a life with meaning”. Here’s the cover sneak peek (subjected to fine tuning until publication).

“Your life is…

Office workers spend a significant amount of time with email

•In general, office workers

-…spend on average 8 hours a week with emails

-…receive on average at least 100+ emails a day; in more than 75% they are in CC/ BCC

Emails are a good instrument to support daily work but can waste time if inappropriately used

One of my most readed answers in Quora is regarding email etiquette and professional emails. I decided to create a course to help all those struggling in this area.

Wondering how to write a professional email?

This new online course can help you. At reduced price for the the readers:


E-learning is a fast growing industry and a great advance putting knowledge and development accessible to the wider population, at reasonable costs and with flexibility of doing it at students own timing pace and need.

I’ve build some successful courses all in the sales field and I’d like to share some coupons with reduced price to my audience, so if you’d like to learn or develop your sales skills, this might be a good opportunity. Courses are with an end price of roughly $10, instead of $89, $49 and $39, so good value for money.

Here are the links:

Course “How to deal with modern buyers”


Course “Selling value instead of price”


Course “5 Main Skills of top sales reps”


Please feel free to use and/or share with anyone you think may need or benefit from those trainings,

I’ve been in sales more than twenty years.

Had my own sales office and I’ve worked for a few well known multinationals, handling customers from different sizes and countries, with a variety of requirements, complexities and demands.

Out of that journey all I can say it, a long term sales career is like a marriage. You build it up based on trust, complicity, curiosity, passion, love and doubts to embrace a project or vision. You don’t always know the way or how to get there, but you know where you’re heading. As Simon Sinek says, it’s about the “why”, not…

Some purchasers are so used to hearing them that they will laugh in your face when you use them. But there will be times that you’ll not understand why the purchaser is laughing when you’re telling him a certain reality. Well, the problem is that sales clichés have been overused. They are often not true or not properly backed up with facts so that now they sound to purchasers like a scratched vinyl disk or an old cassette playing the same song. …

With the increasing relevance and use of technology, some of them might be more in use or trending than others. Be aware that, for some specific markets or industry segments there are a couple of new “hi-tech” things popping up. I like technology and try as much as possible to keep an eye on any relevant development, though, as usual, there’s a lot of noise around new things that in reality, just don’t fit in most of the businesses, aren’t used or are used inappropriately, which leads to unnecessary hurdles. Let’s take Twitter, for instance, it might not be a…

The offer is done and you’re waiting impatiently for the feedback. Time for suspense and a bit of anxiety. By now, there’s no more bargain or negotiation. There are two scenarios:

– You won the deal. Great. You’re happy and a bit relieved. Then you think you probably could have asked for more…but don’t look back from that angle. That one is done, start thinking about the next occasion. But still…

  • If the deal is in your pocket:
  • Honor it. Don’t just celebrate and turn your back. A deal is a deal, whatever the future brings
  • It’s also very important…

Here you have to do your core work. Gather all the pieces you’ve been collecting so far to build up your proposal in such a way that it can be competitive enough and bring the best returns to your company. Have in mind the items below to prepare your offer:

  • How important is the customer?
  • The Negotiation steps
  • Bear in mind that in almost any negotiation, there are certain steps you will go through. Do you have to go through all of them? Not necessarily. Depending on the negotiation and your relationship with the customer some steps can be avoided…

Amaro Araujo

Author of “sales is my passion” and “Career Path Compass” 6 languages speaker, international sales executive. visit me at http://amaroaraujo.com/

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