Be appreciative of what you have

Amaro Araujo
2 min readAug 17, 2022


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⏬ This week´s card is about the pursuit of happiness. Not only a right but a precious function that helps us get out of our comfort zones, thrive, explore and attain levels of peace, joy, and happiness. So far, so good.

But what happens along the way? Do we delay our peace and happiness states of mind to the moment we reach our goals? And until then, it’s just suffering, sacrifices, pain, and frustration?

Does pursuing happiness mean we can’t enjoy our life now while we work and dedicate ourselves to our dreams? Do we have to be discontent to seek, to explore? Or can we be balanced and happy where we are and still have a vision of who we want to become?

✅ Don’t go through life chasing the “next big thing,” expecting it will be the top of the hill. It won’t. Regardless if it’s a car, house, spouse, or children. They are just relays on your journey.

✅ It’s ok that every goal, every objective, and every success will have a temporary sense of achievement and raise your joy/happiness levels, but it won’t last forever. The key is not settling when it doesn’t kick you any longer, but enjoy it all the while you come up with further “peaks” to climb.

✅ would be counterproductive not to feel joy and happiness just now. All that you have or have become has been, at some moment, your dream and objective. Tap yourself on the back, enjoy it, appreciate it, but keep moving forward.

⏩ The more we seek obstinately any objective, the further or more laborious it seems to reach. It’s when we ease our pursuit, appreciating the moment, that anything else comes closer and at seemingly less effort. Move your pursuit from “push” to “pull”.

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