Comparison = frustration

Amaro Araujo
2 min readJun 9, 2022


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⏬ This week’s card is about the harmful habit of comparison. Comparing ourselves with others and feeling of lagging, not being enough, not having enough, not feeling enough.

This habit has grown exponentially with social media platforms and the most natural reflex of voyeurism on other people’s lives, possessions, and lifestyles. Even if what they show is what they want you to see, not “per se” a representation of reality.

Again, we’re led to look only at snapshots, at pretentious successes and achievements, and glamorous lives, making us feel like complete failures (when in most cases, we may even be happier or have more balanced lives).

✅ When you compare, you’ll feel most of the time like a failure, miserable or not enough.

✅ Compare only with your yesterday’s version and what would be your tomorrow’s best version

✅ Even if you reach certain levels of achievement or success at some point, if you have this tendency to compare, you’ll never feel successful and at peace. Because there will always be this fear or anxiety that someone will come at any time that will do better, have more, or achieve more. Comparing for growth is one thing, for achievement is being in a permanent state of frustration.

⏩ Compare to get motivation, insights or to grow and develop yourself. Not to become, have, or live as someone you admire; you’re not on a journey of imitation of life.

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