Don’t reject negative feelings

⏬ This week’s card is about negative emotions and how we should deal with them or do they fit into the society of the “be positive” mindset.

Negative feelings, states of unease or unrest, show up for a very good reason. Putting them aside, our pretending all is well is no solution; deep down, you’ll keep dragging that state within you.

Go down to the root, so you can deal with the natural source of the problem and not with the visible aspects of it. That’s the only efficient way.

When you have negative feelings and keep hiding them or pretending to be positive by force, it creates a conflict in itself; you’re not validating your natural state, and you’re not listening to the internal voice saying something isn’t well.

Don’t adopt the “be positive” label to go with the flow. The “fake it till you make it” mantra won’t help in these cases.

✅ Don’t adopt the “positive” attitude just to “fit the tribe” and act as people would expect you to. If something’s bothering you, it’s ok to say it — as long as you don’t become a moaning and groaning individual complaining all the time but never taking action or making any changes to the situations you complain about or feel victimized.

✅ Allow and be alert to occasional negative or unrest feelings as natural and normal. They are guides or signs that there are unsolved matters to deal with, and it doesn’t matter what’s the decision or impact, but to deal with them is crucial to move forward and return to a balanced mode.

✅ Rejection of negative feelings without proper handling will lead them to pop back again and again. Looking at the other side is no permanent solution.

⏩ Humans have what I would say is a perfect construction; we are gifted with all the tools, systems, guides, and processes to go through life and thrive. Negative feelings or emotions are some of them that we shouldn’t ignore or discard but read properly to align our course and get back to balance

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Amaro Araujo

Amaro Araujo


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