Exaggerating yesterday, overestimating tomorrow

Amaro Araujo
2 min readSep 25, 2022


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⏬ We’re in permanent mind traveling either in the past or future. But very rarely are our thoughts or awareness focused on what is the present moment.

And suppose, for short moments, we’re able to concentrate and pay attention to what we’re doing (the discussion we’re having, the landscape, or the world around us) very quickly. In that case, it will jump again into the future, looking for how life could be if we’re successful at our current endeavors or looking back into the past, lamenting life was better when it was worse.

Eventually, neither the past nor the future will be that good. It’s all a matter of perspective and balance. You praise the past by selectively picking assorted random moments, achievements, or successes but letting aside the pains, struggling, and discomfort. And after all, you were not that satisfied at the time, or you expect that future accomplishments will be what you have been missing to feel worthy, whole, or successful finally. Most likely, they won’t, or it will be short-lived.

Does that mean you shouldn’t look back or forward? No, it would help if you look back and ahead (actually more ahead) but with a very steady and realistic view.

✅ The past wasn’t so bad nor that good; it was a building block that brought you where you are today. But from here, you must look to the road ahead, not driving looking at the rear mirror permanently.

✅ The future will be what you’ll be or become along the way. Things don’t happen by magic overnight (or maybe yes, but I guess it demands a radical self-actualization and mindset change.

✅ The road ahead is still unpaved; it’s up to you to pave it and define the destination, the pauses, the change of courses, and get ready for some unexpected drifting off the road, fast tracks, wet tracks, and foggy ones.

⏩ “Tomorrow will be better” may seem like a magic pill to avoid today’s discomfort and bring us to a state of conformity seeking some balance, but that’s a false quick fix you need to renew every day. You know the old saying, “tomorrow never comes.” Today is the day.

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