External opinions are emotionless

⏬ This week’s card is about the external opinions and why they bother us so much that people don’t understand us and give such blunt advice. Don’t they see what is at stake or how important it is for us?

Generally speaking, no, they don’t. Or at least don’t handle the issue or problem you presented the same way you do, for a straightforward reason: they are not directly involved, nor their emotions, nor their reputation, nor their ambitions.

So — depending on how you’re seeking advice or opinion — that person will analyze it from an altogether mindset, emotional state, and reason that you would do. So no wonder their advice or suggestion becomes so much apart from what you’d expect.

Remember a few things:

✅ When emotions quick in, reason gets out.

✅ external opinions are not deemed to be a validation of your own. Don’t ask anyone’s opinion, expecting they will validate yours, and get mad if they don’t.

✅ If you know better than stop asking people’s advice or opinions.

⏩ Whenever you get advice or opinions far from what you’d expect, instead of pushing back and discarding it at once, at least stop for a minute and ask yourself, “what if….”

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Amaro Araujo

Amaro Araujo


Author of “sales is my passion” and “Career Path Compass” 6 languages speaker, international sales executive. visit me at http://amaroaraujo.com/