Letting go of the old is painful

⏬ This week’s card is about letting go. Letting go can be extremely challenging for some people because of the habit of attachment and either logical or emotional connection with what we’re about to let go.

My wife — as most women, I guess — has difficulty giving away clothing or shoes, even if she didn’t wear them for a while.

I patiently explain that the house isn’t growing or the cupboards, and it´s the same as some ten years ago when there was more than sufficient space. And therefore, to allow the new stuff, she needs to take out some old stuff. It’s a straightforward and very self-explanatory exercise. But I’m sure you know how these discussions end around “you don’t understand.”

That’s a perfect example to explain the difficulty of letting go.

✅ we may think it’s challenging to let go of old stuff because of what they have cost us, but no, not per se. It’s mainly because of the attachment we created, the emotions they ignite, the time, the sense of ownership — It’s mine.

✅ Even if we’re referring to a relationship, friendship, or job we don’t like. It doesn’t necessarily involve cost, money, or price. It requires time, investment of any other than monetary, compromises, and sacrifices.

✅ That’s why we remain in jobs, relationships, and hobbies that we came not to like or not enjoy at all. But as we invested ourselves — sometimes for years — we have a hard time letting go of them.

⏩ So, what are you willing to let go of today? The stylish pair of sneakers? The old Levis jeans? The habit of having a drink before dinner? The gatherings with colleagues that don’t bring up the best in you? Let go of something you drag along, but it´s not that positive. You`ll see how liberating such exercise is.

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Amaro Araujo

Amaro Araujo


Author of “sales is my passion” and “Career Path Compass” 6 languages speaker, international sales executive. visit me at http://amaroaraujo.com/