The delusional image of ourselves

Amaro Araujo
2 min readJul 22, 2022



⏬ Do you think everyone sees you or perceives you the very same way? That you have only one persona?

⏬ We go through life as if we had only one immaculate image/personality and that it’s the same for all those we come across daily, regardless of our relationship with them. That’s anchored in our perception of being “ourselves,” that we are authentic, genuine, and have a face to all.

But to each person, friend, relative, and co-worker depending on the bond and affinity, depending on the interest, attachment, and expectations from each side — explicit or implicit — we mold a different shape of ourselves and show up with the “deem” persona. Every time, to match or respond to the adequate interlocutor, environment, or relationship.

Do you disagree? well, you better be aware that:

✅ For some, you’re a hero, and for others, a nobody or even a villain.

✅ Some will see you as audacious, others stupid and irresponsible. Some will admire you while others will despise you.

✅ It will be a mission impossible, to reconcile the image we have of yourselves and the image that others have of us.

✅ Letting go of the need to protect such imaginary image, is an extremely freeing exercise, breaking down the walls so you can actually be authentic and genuine, not by going through life to please others and be “consistent” with an image, but becoming a “no limits” person.

⏩ So, are you still convinced that your image or persona is “one and only” and everyone sees you the same way? Next time you come across someone, you may wonder — or ask them — how they see you.

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