Where are your thoughts roaming?

⏬ This week´s card is about our thinking habits and how our brain can be our best ally and the worst nightmare if we just let it do as it pleases.

I won’t go as far as to tell you how your thoughts create your reality and how the law of attraction works. Let’s consider this: Are your thoughts yours? If yes, how come you have so many negative and self-deprecating thoughts? Often that you can’t stop them? Or are you unaware of them as they come and go as they please or spin in your head? Do they serve you?

Be aware that such thoughts lead to emotions and states that suck your energy and capabilities, and you can’t perform at your best under such conditions.

Be a mind watcher. Your mind watcher.

✅ Studies show that, on average, we may have around 60.00 to 80.000 thousand thoughts a day. That’s an astonishing number. But that’s not the most surprising; 90% of those are typically repetitive. And 80% are negative (things that can go wrong, anxieties, worries about things that never happen, etc.).

✅ All those thoughts that we frequently have or repeatedly become our beliefs and beliefs somehow rule our lives and are the basis of our world views. You can well imagine that if they are harmful or downgrading, you’ll have a somewhat bitter or anxious attitude towards life.

✅ Try to avoid the unnecessary chatter of the “monkey mind” in your head. It has an opinion on every issue, dissects every trivial event, judges the past recurrently, worries about the future, and jumps from topic to topic without pausing for no result besides draining your energy. Diminish that noise in your head that has no added value, no relevance, and no need. Let go of that noise and move towards a calm and peaceful mind that can be used when you need it or to support you on your journey.

⏩ Although we call them “our thoughts,” most of them come out of nowhere, and often you don’t even realize it. My point is, throughout the day, observe your thoughts, and you’ll be amazed at how many are negative, depreciative, repetitive, or not serving your purpose.

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Amaro Araujo

Amaro Araujo


Author of “sales is my passion” and “Career Path Compass” 6 languages speaker, international sales executive. visit me at http://amaroaraujo.com/